Welcome to CARIBOU ADVENTURE A Unique Alaskan Tour

Join us for the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Welcome to Caribou Adventures.
I am Agnes Hailstone, and I invite 
you to join us for an adventure of a 
 Would you like to see the 
'Real Alaska'?   Join me and 
my family  of  9, as we are 
Hunters, Fishers, Gatherers
& wage workers that carry on 
the Alaskan heritage of living 
closely to the land.
Wildlife viewing, 
Birding and 
Camping all in one trip
Go with those who not only know the 'How, Why, Where ,When", but also the traditional harvest and use of the plants , animals , fish and Birds that we Harvest, as a working & subsistence gathering Family.
We can provide Village tours, where you may come and stay in an Inupiaq village, and see day to day living , Alaskan Village style, with all its modern , yet traditionally rooted ,means and ways
Also, in winter, There is village to village travel with snow machines, as well as Winter camping and wildlife viewing. during that time, you can come see the Northwest Arctic Caribou herd, 500, 000 Strong,
in their Winter Range